About us | Ludens since 1994

We train groups and individuals in university graduate schools, companies, welfare and public health organisations in Switzerland and the Netherlands or wherever we are invited. Our seminars are always led by us two: a social scientist emphasizing composition, content and structure and a theatre pedagogue focusing on delivery: body language, voice and speech.

Jolande van Gunsteren

  • Degrees in teaching and social sciences

  • Worked in public health organizations for juveniles in problem situations and in research projects in welfare policy and services in the Netherlands and the USA

  • Founded LUDENS in Zürich, Switzerland in 1994

  • Works since then in adult education as trainer

Wytze Visser

  • Theatre pedagogue

  • Law degree, voice and speech therapist

  • From 1978-1992 teacher / coach / director at the theatre department of the Amsterdam School of the Arts

  • Since 1993 freelancer in theatre coaching and presentation training, joined LUDENS in 1997