Presenting information nowadays – whether you like it or not – is an important but often overlooked and underpracticed skill. Your ability to communicate your ideas to any audience can strongly influence your career.

  • Discover your presentation potentials

  • Enjoy your strengths and improve your weaknesses

  • Enhance your awareness of how you interact with an audience

  • Extend your communication skills

  • Increase your confidence

Standard seminar

  • for groups of 8 (max.)
  • 2 full days
  • in English or Dutch

Content of standard seminar

preparation: planning and structuring a presentation
dynamics of delivery, how to grip the audience
theatre exercises
body language
breathing, voice- and speech exercises
catchword- and impromptu talks
use of visual aids
dealing with nervousness and stage-fright
dealing with questions and difficult situations.

Brush-up | tailor made seminar

  • for groups of 8 (max.)
  • with special requests
  • assumes presentation experience
  • 1 or 2 full days
  • in English or Dutch

Content of brush-up | tailor made seminar

to be designed in cooperation with customers, depending on presentation experience and objectives of the group to be trained or specific presentation requirements from company or institute.